Grindr - Gay, same sex, bi, social network to chat and meet guys App Reviews

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Makes you feel pathetic

Due to service outages and the prevalence of of disrespectful guys.

Horrible, worse than donald trumps campaign

Do they developers even care? Some people are trying to get laid you know.


Congratulations!! Before the update this app barely worked. And now NOT AT ALL!!! Keep up the outstanding work.........

So pathetic

Now that its working, it asks for me to check out their stupid e-magazine every time I sign in. The people running this app are ruining it. Horrible management

Delete this Grindr app!! Stupid app ever !

The most stupid app ever I have downloaded ! The slowest connection ever and the messaging connection a miracle if you can send a continues message !!!

The worst app on my phone, no joke.

If I could give this app 0 or negative stars I would. This app is a joke, it never works. Theres always some kind of massive service outage. Chats dont send, chats arent received, profiles will not load, the app is constantly hacked and filled with bots, nearly every time I sign on Ill get a service notification that says that they are aware of their app being broken, and that they are working hard on the issue. The only thing that works sometimes are the annoying ads and pop ups, so you can see where their priorities are. Support is non existent. If you submit a support ticket, all youll get is a pre written copy paste reply that might vaguely relate to what youre writing about. The people running this company are completely incompetent. The only reason for its popularity is the desperation of the gay community to have an app to connect on. Its such a shame that the most popular app for us is this total piece of garbage. *** I have an idea, if every user just complained to Apple or called their credit card company and charged back the subscription (for Grindr plus users), that might get them to wake up, and / or everyone just deletes the app from their phone for 30 days. They will never hire qualified people to fix the business if we keep giving them money.

Something to be said for Market Share

Grindr, lets face it youre the IKEA of hooking up. Difficult to assemble, often unreliable, and crashes are just something we expect; like an overloaded bed at IML. Youre functional to a point, and can generally get the job done for a quick sit or lie down. When it comes right down to it though, youre just cheap and convenient.

Grindr is for Losers

The app is ridden with guys that simply are the misfits and low-key idiots that dont understand its 2016; its time to come out to mommy. Not to mention the app actually does have a lot of chat problems. Id rather die than ever be caught on Grindr again; stupidity it contagious.


So when youre waiting for a reply on a hookup app many things run through your head. A lot of guys just ignore you if they arent interested. So when messages are not going through instantly, a minute later, hours later, or ever---its a bummer. Especially if your just in town for an hour or just saw a guy at Starbucks. Theres always been major problems with the app but the issues lately are messing up my game. No one messes with my game! Except Grindr... With a one star rating... That everyone keeps using.......

Chat problems almost every day

Has problems almost every day. Just glad I didnt pay for this!!!!


These people will be out of business soon if they dont hire a professional to re code the app.

Use scruff instead


Laughably executed app.

Never works. Never connects.

Chat Issues Abound

This ding dang app is THE WORST.... Constant chat outages, almost NO features, and terrible connectivity. Im amazed how many people "use" this app still where I live. The gays need to move on to Scruff and ditch Grindr. Unfortunately Im still stuck using this app because the gays in my area arent on Scruff yet......... Im hopeful tho that after two weeks of chat issues theyll come around.

Thumbs down

Worst app ever. Its 2016 - the connectivity issues should be easily fixed.

This app is the worst app

This app doesnt deserve even a review but, frustration got me here if it wasnt because is popular, nobody would have this


Way to get a 1Star review rating, Grindr. You really have been sucking lately hahahaha.

Crashing nightmare

A deception. It has connections issues. The Grindr team send us pop up messages saying they know the issues are happening and they are working on it to fix. But what the hell? It has been more than 2 weeks!!! For what I know an issue could be found and get fixed within a couple of days but it has been a night mare fire more than 2 weeks. Grindr got to get serious with their support. Look at the rate, 1 start??? Shame.

Chats never work!

Constantly get messages hours later its so annoying


Messages will never send, it always just says Im connecting and never goes online. Its been this way for years. Im lucky to get online sometimes. This app is nasty, and pathetic.